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Hello, this is Lorene Troyer. I’m a spirit-filled believer and wife (my husband and I’ll be celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary this year). I’m also a homeschooling mother to two teenagers and I enjoy blogging and creating and selling digital art.  

This blog was started so I could share some of my experiences and the information I’ve gained over the past 23 years, on how to practically apply the Word of God to problems and situations that come up in our daily lives. I hope to combine my love of the Word of God, my writings and my art in a way that’s inspiring as well as life-changing.

2 thoughts on “First Blog Post

  1. Rita Setser

    This is the first time I’ve looked at your site and I must say it is very impressive! You have an amazing way of expressing yourself in print and addressing subjects that many people struggle with daily but never seem to overcome. Surely God has given you a gift of communication and artistry that could bring victory and joy into the lives Christians if they would only learn to make daily confessions based solely on God’s Word. Thanking God for your sharing your gift!

    1. Lorene Troyer Post author

      Thanks for your encouragement, Rita. It means a lot. You’re right, many people don’t realize that their words have anything to do with their situation, but I believe that every day more and more are finding out that “life and death are in the power of the tongue.”

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