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How to Stop Negative Thoughts Pt.2

In part one of our series, How to Stop Negative Thoughts, we discussed how listening to faith building messages and meditation in the Word of God is an important part of renewing your mind and getting rid of negative thoughts. Another aspect of renewing your mind is to filter the things you see and listen to and being careful whom… Read more »

How to Stop Negative Thoughts- Part One

God’s Word has the power to totally eradicate negative thinking and obtrusive thoughts. Many people, including Christians, are tormented daily by negative thoughts, feelings and self-talk. This can be in the form of impure thoughts, thoughts of harming themselves, or other people, shame of past behavior, all kinds of fears or thoughts that lead into obsessive compulsive disorders. For many… Read more »

Bible Verses About Worry: Confession Card

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  I thought this cute, care-free chipmunk munching on berries was a good picture to go with this confession to overcome anxiety. I took a picture of a baby chipmunk eating berries on the shrubs in our front yard and created this digital painting. If you want to overcome worry, you can buy this card at Zazzle for yourself or… Read more »

How to Overcome Anxiety: A Personal Testimony

One year around the holidays, I found myself feeling depressed and weighed down by problems. I wrote down everything that was bothering me, not just in my own life but in also in the lives of friends and family. I had 87 plus items on that list. It seemed like the more I prayed and tried to believe God, the… Read more »

How to Stop Worrying: Meditation the Antidote to Worry

“How can I stop worrying?” is a question asked by many. We know we should not worry, but how can we get free from it’s grip? We know that anxiety does nothing to solve the problem, in fact, it can cause more problems. Studies show that worry can cause all kind of health issues ranging from depression to headaches to… Read more »