Here are some tools to help you on your faith journey.

Free PDF written by me, Using Faith-Filled Words to Change Your Life 

Books by Kenneth E. Hagin  Kenneth Hagin’s books are filled with spiritual truths that helped me understand what it means to “walk by faith” and how to apply these principles in everyday life. He gives examples of how he and other people applied faith to overcome various situations and problems.

Books by Caroline Leaf  Caroline Leaf is a Christian neuroscientist, who helps  people understand the power of the mind and the connection between science and God. She shows people how to control their thoughts and emotions, as well as how to think and learn effectively and find their purpose in life.

Healed of Cancer by Dodie Osteen  This book talks about the steps Dodie took after being diagnosed with an incurable metastatic liver cancer.  It shows some of the obstacles that she overcame as well as the list of healing scriptures she used to obtain her healing.

Strong’s Concordance and Other Study Aids, free online–  There are many free online sources for the Strong’s Concordance, but occasionally I like to use the actual Strong’s Concordance, book.

Free Bible Passage Look-Up Tool,  you can choose from a variety of Bible versions

Free Printable Download, Psalm 91 Declaration, activate your faith for protection is by speaking and declaring Psalm 91 over yourself and your family.

Bible Promise Books– Books to help you find pertinent scriptures that pertain to your situation or need.

Free Lists of Bible Verses, Scripture Keys for a variety of needs, compiled by June Newman Davis or buy the Book, Scripture Keys: For Kingdom Living

Testimony of how Marilyn Ludolf was healed, along with list of scriptures that she used

The Power of Words: Using Faith-filled Confessions Workshop

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