About Me- My name is Lorene Troyer, child of God, wife, mother to 2 grown children, digital artist, graphic designer, and content creator.  If you are a business owner, visit my website: www.LoreneTroyer.com

My own experience- Imagine… having a headache- the kind that can mess up a perfectly good day. You know from past experience that over- the- counter pain meds won’t do much, if anything, to get rid of it. You also know that as the day goes on, it’ll grow steadily worse. It seems hopeless.

But, as you sit there rubbing your forehead, you remember from a book you read, that some people are able to get rid of headaches by speaking scriptures.

You believe it would work, but how long would it take? An hour? 5 hours? You decide that you’ll confess scriptures until the headache leaves. You have nothing to lose- even if it takes a few hours, because unless the headache lets up, you won’t get much done anyway.

You open up your Bible to Isaiah chapter 53:4-5 and slowly start reading it out loud, again and again. You imagine Jesus being beaten and enduring the headache for you. You start saying, “Jesus bore my pain so I am free from pain and discomfort … Jesus bore my pains so I don’t have headaches … Jesus bore my pains so today is a pain-free day.”

You really try to focus on what you are saying. After about 15 minutes, you notice that the headache has gotten less intense. After about 23 minutes, the headache is totally gone. (see note below)

You are surprised and very happy.

That happened to me several years ago. From that experience, I acquired a new-found respect for the power and the possibilities found in the Word of God. I started “applying” scriptures to various situations and discovered certain principles that made the process work or not work. I created personalized “confessions and confession cards for myself and started sharing them with others.

Over time, my collection of scripture confessions has grown as I keep making new ones for various issues and problems that come up.

As a digital artist, I enjoy creating backgrounds and art to go with the words.

*Note: depending on what I’m believing for, the process does not always work as quickly as it did for me that first time, sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes months, sometimes years before I see the answer to what I’m believing for.