Food Sensitivities, Faith Confession

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Green and Gold Vines, Food Sensitivities

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The foods I eat and the beverages I drink are blessed. They nourish my body and help me stay healthy and strong. They never cause any ill effects; nothing shall by any means hurt me.

My body efficiently digests all the nutrients and foods that I eat.

My immune system as well as every other system, organ and gland in my body is healthy and functions perfectly. I am free from all food intolerances, adverse food reactions, allergies and sensitivities.

Jesus bore my pains so I am free from pain and discomfort. I am very healthy and energetic. I live a pain-free life.

I am led by the Spirit of God and I always make wise decisions concerning my health.

Based on Exodus 23:25, Mark 11: 23, Luke 10:19b, Romans 8:28, John 8:36, Isaiah 53:4, Romans 8:14,