Healing Testimony: Heal Me, O Lord

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Meditating on and speaking scriptures is a powerful way to change your life. One of the most inspiring stories, I’ve ever read is Heal Me, O Lord, on the Guideposts website. The author, Marilyn Ludolf, wrote about overcoming her 16 year battle with a painful, itchy rash on her face and blinding headaches that had doctors and specialists baffled.

She was watching television one Sunday and heard the testimony of Cheryl Prewitt (Miss America 1980) who had been supernaturally healed by God. Mrs Ludolf had a revelation- God still healed people today!

She was inspired to compile a list of healing, health and faith scriptures- 36 in all.

Every day, wherever she went, she took this list with her. She meditated on the scriptures, saying them over and over.

She envisioned herself as being well. In her words, “I began to visualize my complexion as pink and clear as a newborn baby’s, and my sinus passages free and well. I imprinted it on my mind day and night.”

After doing this consistently for about 2 ½ months, her faith grew immensely and she received total healing from the skin condition as well as the headaches.

Some observations I made from the article:

She was inspired by a testimony of someone else who had been healed. (A good reason to share our testimonies with other people).

She believed that God is not a respecter of persons, if he did it for Cheryl, He would do it for her.

She took time to “sharpen her ax” and collect the scriptures she would be using.

She was desperate for answers, willing to pay the price to get her healing.

She was diligent. She took the list of scriptures with her everywhere she went and read them whenever she had the chance.

Thank you, Ms. Ludolf, for sharing your testimony!