Healed of Cancer: Dodie Osteen Testimony

Speaking the Word of God can save your life. When she was 48 years old, Dodie Osteen, wife of pastor John Osteen, started having various pains and symptoms in her body. Since she had been very healthy up to that point, she decided to see a doctor and get some help. The doctor who examined her, recommended that she go to to the hospital for a series of tests.

The tests showed that she had metastatic liver cancer, and that even with treatment, she would be dead in a few weeks.

Instead of giving in to the fear and darkness that tried to overtake her, she turned to God and His Word for answers.

She examined her heart and wrote letters to people whom she needed to forgive or whom she might have offended, and asked them to forgive her. She knew that being in strife with someone or harboring ill feelings towards a person would nullify her faith. The Bible says, “faith worketh by love.”

She and her husband John took authority over the disease and any cancerous cells in Dodie’s body.

Dodie put photos of herself by her bed of when she was young and healthy. One picture was of her in her wedding dress, the other was of her riding a horse while on vacation. It was a way to visualize what she was believing for.

One of the most important things she did, was to make a list of 40 healing scriptures and read through them 3 times every day. It took a long time for the symptoms of cancer to leave. At times Dodie was so weak, tired and sick that she was tempted to give up the fight and go be with Jesus, but she chose to persevere.

She fought negative thoughts (and there were lots of them) by speaking the Word of God out of her mouth. Every time she had the thought that she was going to die or another new symptom showed up in her body, she chose to speak scriptures concerning her deliverance, “By the stripes of Jesus, I am healed, With long life does God satisfy me and show me my salvation” etc.

She did not talk about the cancer or complain about how terrible she felt to other people. When asked how she was doing, she kept it positive, “I am blessed, thank-you” or “By the stripes of Jesus I am healed.”

After persevering in the faith, day after day, month after month Dodie was totally healed. Two years after receiving her death sentence of cancer, tests showed that she was free from cancer.

What an inspiring and encouraging testimony!  Here is a list of the healing scriptures Dodie used:  Cancer Healing Scriptures

Note: I found the information for this blog post by reading Dodie’s book, Healed of Cancer and by listening to videos of her giving her testimony.

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