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Raymond T. Richey: Healed of Tuberculosis

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Speaking scriptures and faith filled words over and over will build your faith and cause your answers to manifest. Romans 10: 17 says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” The more you hear yourself speaking those things that the Word of God say belong to you, the more you’ll believe it and bring it into… Read more »

Vintage Angel Art, Faith Confession Card

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I created this faith confession card using vintage angel art, courtesy of OpenClipArt. It’s a great supplement to your child’s daily Bible study time. Psalms 91:11 – God has given His angels charge over me, to protect me and guard me wherever I go. They hold me up in their hands, so I don’t hurt myself in any way. Hebrews… Read more »

Healed of Cancer: Dodie Osteen Testimony

Speaking the Word of God can save your life. When she was 48 years old, Dodie Osteen, wife of pastor John Osteen, started having various pains and symptoms in her body. Since she had been very healthy up to that point, she decided to see a doctor and get some help. The doctor who examined her, recommended that she go… Read more »

Scriptures to Fight Cancer

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FREE PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD  If you or a loved one are battling cancer, this scriptural declaration will help you build up your faith for complete victory. Print off several copies and carry one with you wherever you go. Read it out loud (like you mean it) for an hour or more every day to develop your faith. As you read it,… Read more »

Food Sensitivities, Faith Confession

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Click here to download as Free JPG As a card from Zazzle The foods I eat and the beverages I drink are blessed. They nourish my body and help me stay healthy and strong. They never cause any ill effects; nothing shall by any means hurt me. My body efficiently digests all the nutrients and foods that I eat. My… Read more »